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  • From: "Leandro Guimaraes Faria C. Dutra" <ldutra@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 10:49:31 -0300

oracle-l-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx gravou em 2005-08-12 10:14:12:

> Debian vendor? I thought that Debian vendor is FSF (GNU)?

        Not at all, in fact while there are lots of affinities and
collaboration the respective organisations (Debian's SPI and GNU's FSF)
parted ways a long time ago when Debian decided to include proprietary
software, which it still does to this day.

> Who shouldI ask for?
> Stallman or Raymond?

        ESR has nothing to do with neither Debian nor GNU.  He was behind
OSI, but now mainly speaks to himself as he's painted himself on a corner.

> I'm sure that something like "Richie, your
> distro is not recognizing
> my FireWire card, whadda I do?" would eventually lead to problem

        While I will make a point of answering your doubts, your attitude
is so negative I doubt you really want to learn anything.  Besides, if you
really wanted you'd checked this information by yourself, because the
community is very open and well documented.  Everything I told you besides
the reason of the SPI-FSF split is public knowledge, and Debian even links
to consultants and vendors .

> >         That just shows how little you know about Debian -- or how
> > dependent you are on Oracle.

> I am an Oracle DBA. I use Oracle to pay the bills.

        So am I, but I like to know something else.

> Yes, I am dependent upon it. I used to
> depend on VAX/VMS but since the demise of DEC, I am using various
> versions of Unix: SCO,
> AIX, Solaris, HP-UX and Linux. My favorite one is HP-UX.

        Really?  Why?

> I don't know much about Debian.
> They haven't motivated me to learn it, so I am blissfully ignorant
> of them. I prefer it to stay that way.

        So why make a point of speaking about what you do not know?

> > > Very better :). When I said "support for Red Hat is the best", it
> > > mean't "Oracle's support
> > > for RH is the best". Ite missa est, Red Hat is the best.
> >
> >         Nice argument.
> >
> >         Specially when Oracle depelops (used to?) on SuSE.

> Why should I care about it? RH is definitely the most popular
> commercial distro and is definitely
> supported by Oracle.

        I just wanted to know why on Earth is Oracle's support for RH the
best, and pointed to a reason why I'd be surprised if that was the case.

> >         What are you talking about?  Novel just bought SuSE.  They
> > years in GNU/Linux, even more years in OSs and they have now one of
> > most popular RPM distros.

> One of the two most popular RPM distros. No medal for the second place.

        HP-UX is the second or third more popular Unix, yet you like it

> b) That ALSA is the way to go and that I should use ALSA and forget
> my application, the one that I have paid for.

        That is precisely the point.  When you run proprietary software on
GNU/Linux, you are on your own -- actually your proprietary vendor has to
support you.  OSS is just such a vendor, like Oracle.  If they support
SuSE, use their support.

> I could hear his face redden over the phone. Needless to say, I will
> never use SuSE again.

        I am not a SuSE fan, but I do think you were in the wrong here.  I
wouldn't trust you after what you revealed about yourself in this thread.

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