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Are you sure that the transactions are still holding the space?

Temp tablespace segments do NOT de-allocate when a session quits using
it.  It will remain allocated so the next user to need temp space does
not have to go through the space allocation......

PMON will de-allocate the segments on the next instance startup.

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Is there a way to determine (or trace) which individual statements are
causing tempspace to be allocated to a session?  I've got a databases
where half a dozen sessions seem to gradually allocate more and more
tempspace (as measured by v$sort_usage), and then never release it.=3D20
Eventually they acquire almost all of the available space, which of
course causes a flurry of ORA-1652 errors from other sessions.

At the moment, I'm examining a trace from one of these sessions.  So
far, I don't see anything which could cause this behaviour... a few
inserts, some relatively simple selects, nothing particularly complex.
 Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this sort of issue?

The DB in question is Oracle (32-bit), running on Solaris 8.


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