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Thank you, Mark

Based on the oracle's recomendation, about 1 G will be kept in the table
and about 40G+ will be released.  Does that this mean that the max
undo I will need is 1G?

Thank you

Eugene Gurevich

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For a quick rough estimate, remember that the only undo you'll get from the
empty blocks is a tiny amount from the space management. It is also very
unlikely that any block lower in extent order than the first empty block
move. Finally, the total of blocks that still do have contents is a rough
ceiling on the undo, so if you're keeping less than you're shrinking that
a consideration.

If you can be out of action a bit, create table as select to keep the rows
you want to retain is probably the cheapest thing unless the amount kept is
greater than two times (and then measurements are required and the results
vary depending on indexes, etc.) the amount to be shuffled, and you might
have an opportunity to order the select so that in your destination your
most frequently used access path gets the best possible cluster score and
lowest cost for both the CBO and actual run time. Then of course you
probably do a rename and re-index.

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Remember, if it's moving rows (and therefore, changing ROWIDs), it's
also got indexes to update.  So it could require significantly more
UNDO than the size of the table.  If you can afford the downtime, you
may be better off with impdp/expdp, alter table move, and/or online
table redefinition.

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 9:46 AM,  <genegurevich@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello everyone:
> I am researching alter table shrink space command in before I
> it in production. According to oracle adviser, there is a table that can
> shrank
> to release over 40G of space and another which can release over 100G. I
> plan to execute the commands during a maintenance window to minimize the
> usage of these tables.  I have run a small test in dev and saw that these
> command have been using undo tablespace. That tablespace is only 20G
> in my database. Does it need to match the size of the 'freeable' disk
> space, in other word do I need to increase it to about 100G? I also was
> told that
> i can cancel this command any time (in case there is a performance
> degradation) and whatever disk space has been released will stay released
> and
> I can run the command again to release the rest of the disk space. I have
> not been able to find this in any oracle documentation however. I don't
> have any table in dev to test a large shrink command.
> If anyone had any experience with this command, can you please address my
> questions on undo TS and cancelling the command please. I am
> alsowondering whether there is any downside to this operation.
> Thank you
> Eugene Gurevich
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Adam Musch

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