Re: systemstate dump using gdb

  • From: Peter Gram <peter.gram@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: barb.baker@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 18:41:55 +0200

Hi Barbara

Sorry for being stupid, but could you have overlooked the Sql*Plus oradebug interface


sqlplus /nolog
sql>connect / as sysdba
sql>oradebug setmypid
sql>oradebug dump systemstate 10

sqlplus /nolog
sql>connect / as sysdba
sql>oradebug setogpid <unix_process_pid>
sql>oradebug dump processstate 10


Barbara Baker wrote:

Solaris 9

Does anyone have instructions on using gdb to generate a systemstate dump?
Metalink note 121779.1 outlines using dbx, but I can't find anything using gdb.
Note 273324.1 using gdb on hp-ux specifies
  gdb $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle pid
then stepi then ksudss

The dbx instructions specify
 % dbx -a 28348
then ksudss

From the tar, Oracle is requesting systemstate dump against a running
process. So specifying oracle.exe on the gdb line seems wrong to me. The instructions for dbx seem more accurate, but I don't know how to
attach to, then specify the process.

(The database is freezing up, unable to make any kind of connetion. I'm trying to get a systemstate dump against one of the running
processes. To make matters worse, this is an mts system, so I'm
trying to attach to one of the s000 server processes.)

Thanks for any help.


Best regards / Venlig hilsen

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