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from what little I know, you want at least 92060 to get
Streams stability, and 10g to get the full feature

<market speak> They are moving from trigger-based replication.
The statement is "if you haven't committed to replication or
streams yet, pick Streams".

- Ross

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I need advice on how to approach a task.  I need to "replicate" 6 tables 
across 6 Sun Servers with of course their own oracle instance.  This is 

Any change made to any of the tables needs to be replicated to all the other 
tables.  This is just DML changes. These tables are small.

Should I use traditional Oracle Replication or tackle it with Oracle 

I realize from reading the manuals that replication is included within 
Streams, but I just want to make sure that my approach is right.

Any advice is appreciated.


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