RE: srvctl remove asm generates PRKS-1033 and CRS-0214

  • From: "William Wagman" <wjwagman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2007 16:11:44 -0700

Some months ago I had a similar problem. I wanted to uninstall and
reinstall the ASM instance. Unfortunately I don't remember the specific
steps I took but I believe I went through everything you did and then
tried to recreate it using the OUI and the installer kept finding pieces
of it as I would try. After some frustration I opened an SR with Oracle
and they provided the following steps, most of which it looks like you
have completed, nevertheless, here they are...
1) Shutdown all databases that are running on the box using the +ASM
instance for storage management
2) Use emca -x <sid> to remove the Database Console for each instance
3) Clear the existing raw disks 
dd if=/dev/zero of=<raw device> bs=8192 count=1000
drop the raw partition 
4) Drop the old parameter file (init<sid>.ora or spfile<sid>.ora)
Default location: <ORACLE_HOME>\dbs
5) Delete / Remove any non ASM supporting directories
6) Remove the ORATAB entry for the ASM instance 
7) Remove the resource from cluster ready services (CRS)
srvctl remove asm -n nodename 
Ultimately that worked but I don't quite know which piece of it worked.
One thing I did do was significantly increase the byte count when
running the dd statement and that seemed to play a major part in getting
things to work. The other piece which I don't see mention of is
unregistering the ASM Disk groups from ASMLib. I don't know if you are
using that and if that matters but I believe I did that at one point
I'm not sure this will help but I did go through it once before.
Nevertheless it is still a black box.


Bill Wagman
Univ. of California at Davis
IET Campus Data Center
(530) 754-6208 



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Subject: srvctl remove asm generates PRKS-1033 and CRS-0214

I posed this question over at the oracle ASM forum as well.

We are trying to wipe out ASM. We have been trying to follow a couple
metalink notes, and threads both here and in oracle-l, not to mention
reading some books (K Gopal and Julian Dyke). Google is not giving us
much help, either.

We had a couple RAC databases, but those have already been removed, and
the shared ASM disks have been wiped clean (with dd). We have not
touched the OCR or voting disks directly at all, only via srvctl and the
crs commands. I have removed as many dependencies as I can think of
(entry in oratab, running processes, ?dump directories).

Oracle EE running on RHEL4. Below are a series of commands we
have used. I attempted to find the "CRS daemon log file", but it is not
updated with any relevant information. The ocssd log file has some
interesting stuff, but nothing that leads me to a solution.

<urbdb1> /u01/app/oracle: srvctl remove asm -n urbdb1
PRKS-1033 : Failed to remove configuration for ASM instance "+ASM1" on
node "urbdb1" from cluster registry, 

[PRKS-1023 : Failed to remove CRS resource for ASM instance "+ASM1" on
node "urbdb1",
[CRS-0214: Could not unregister resource 'ora.urbdb1.ASM1.asm'.]]
[PRKS-1023 : Failed to remove CRS resource for ASM instance "+ASM1" on
node "urbdb1",

[CRS-0214: Could not unregister resource 'ora.urbdb1.ASM1.asm'.]]
<urbdb1> /u01/app/oracle: crs_unregister ora.urbdb1.ASM1.asm 
CRS-0214: Could not unregister resource 'ora.urbdb1.ASM1.asm'.

<urbdb1> /u01/app/oracle: oerr crs 214
214,    0, "Could not unregister resource '%s'."
// *Cause:  There was an internal error while unregistering the
// *Action: Check the CRS daemon log file.

<urbdb1> /u01/app/oracle: find . -type f -mmin -1 -exec ls -alt {} \;
-rw-r-----  1 oracle oinstall 183445 Jul 24 09:29
-rw-r--r--  1 oracle oinstall 7072151 Jul 24 09:29

-rw-r--r--  1 oracle oinstall 186 Jul 24 09:29
-rw-r--r--  1 oracle oinstall 809409 Jul 24 09:29
-rw-r-----  1 oracle oinstall 9292901 Jul 24 09:29

As always, I am hoping the answer to this trickiness is easy and staring
me in the face. =)

Charles Schultz 

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