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    The answer to your basic question is no, not in SQL.  Problem is
that you have to do some logical if-then-else processing which you can't
do in Sql alone.  I tried it many moons ago & failed miserably. Try
looking into PHP where you can extract the data & there make the logical
choices.  That's where I succeeded.

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Oracle, 9iRe2 and 10g running on HP-UX, SUN and AIX

I am pulling the data from produciton database on displying on the web
pages for trending data

I display multiple columns, I would like to display a particualr column
in a different format, like change color, make it bold, change font
etc., to catch the user. 

Can somebody tell me if this is doable.

I am using  unix Kshell and SQL for this, nothing else. We are using

Regards & Thanks

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