Re: sql question

  • From: Martin Berger <martin.a.berger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Eugene Pipko <eugene.pipko@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 22:30:46 +0200

Hi Eugene,

just an idea, but maybe you want to create 2 function based indexes on this column. this might make your query faster (as the result is pre-calculated and stored in a hidden column)

I don't know if you have any performance-problems, but I prefer to calculate once and use often than other way round ;-)

best regards,

I am running 9.2 EE on Windows2K3.
I’ve tested union all solution and it works just fine.

Hi all,
I have a table with the following columns:

HTS_CODE                             HTS_DESC

----------------------- -----------------------------------------

338K10_340W81                6109.10.0027 & 6205.20.2061

338K5_338K9_1                  6105.10.0030 & 6110.20.2069

I need to be able to select in the following format:

HTS_CODE                             HTS_DESC

----------------------- -----------------------------------------

338K10_340W81                6109.10.0027

338K10_340W81                6205.20.2061

338K5_338K9_1                  6105.10.0030

338K5_338K9_1                  6110.20.2069

Is it possible to split hts_desc so for every value before and after “&” I will get a row using SQL?


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