spool to symbol in vms

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I haven't got Oracle on VMS so can't test spool but how about doing this (which 
doesn't use spool but redefines standard output) - demonstrated with Rdb:
BBV013> tmp == "fred.txt"
BBV013> show sym tmp
  TMP == "fred.txt"
BBV013> define sys$output 'tmp
BBV013> sql
SQL> at 'f pas_batch_db';
SQL> select * from pot limit to 1 row;
SQL>  Exit
BBV013> deass sys$output
BBV013> ty 'tmp
SQL> declare transaction read only;
    2001             2       NULL
1 row selected
Hope this helps,
Bruce Reardon

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Is this like Unix?  If so ...


spool ${tmp}



Ron Reidy

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OpenVMS 7.3-1

Hi, all.
Does anyone know how to spool to a symbol in vms?
Here's my dcl.  I want to spool to the file identified by the symbol tmp.  
  $ val_sid = f$trnlnm("ora_sid")  
  $ sho sym val_sid
  $   tmp = "tmp_"+"''val_sid'"+".txt"
  $   sho sym tmp
  $ sqlplus "/ as sysdba" 
     spool 'tmp
     select '$ STOP/IDENTIFICATION=' || p.spid proc_id from v$session s, 
. . . . .

Thanks for any help!


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