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Try putting the listener name in the command line,

su - oracle -c "/oracle_home/bin/lsnrctl stop LISTENER_ORCL"

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How do I shutdown the LISTENER with a password in a script.  I have this

default script called "oracle".

It starts and stops the databases and listener.  When I changed the
listener settings for security reasons starting the listener is easy, it

does not require the password.  However shutting down down the listener
the problem.


case "$1" in
                su - oracle -c "/oracle_home/bin/lsnrctl start

                su - oracle -c "/oracle_home/bin/lsnrctl set
                su - oracle -c "/oracle_home/bin/lsnrctl set password
                su - oracle -c "/oracle_home/bin/lsnrctl stop"

this last command fails.  It points to the default listener LISTENER.
the correct listener,

How do I shutdown a password protected listener thru a shell script?


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