Re: share a new 11gR2 feature

  • From: Karl Arao <karlarao@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jobmiller@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:48:12 +0800

I can say 11gR2 is like the transition from 9iR2 to 10gR2 where Oracle
introduced TONS of features and new technologies..

Here are some of the stuff that stand out:

1) RAC ONE NODE (a single instance rac)
- this has a feature of migrating one instance to another with the
Omotion online migration utility. This Omotion utility could be
complemented when you run it on Oracle VM. Example is, if your OVM is
sized too small, you can migrate the Oracle RAC One instance to
another larger Oracle VM node in the cluster (using Omotion... much
like the VMware Vmotion)

2) Online Application Upgrade

3) Some changes on RAC
- Grid Naming Service (GNS)
- Single Client Access Name (SCAN)
- ability to have Dynamic VIPs
- ASMCA, ACFS, ASM File-Access-Control
- Database Server Pool
- Oracle Cluster Time Synchronization Service... (much like the NTP)
- Cluster Health Manager (which I think a very good monitoring tool..
also works for old RAC versions,I'll try it soon..)
- On the installation, the introduction of the Grid Infrastructure
Home (which combined the CRS_HOME and ASM_HOME). So before we have 3
homes (CRS,ASM,RDBMS), now we only have 2 homes (Grid Infra Home, and

4) Advisors
- MAA advisor
- Compression advisor

5) Recovery
- Automatic block repair (but you must have a physical standby)

6) TEMP tablespace shrink

- Karl Arao

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