RE: setting of audit_trail initialization parameter

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I do DB.

 Instead of using the oracle package to manage it, (AUD$), because it would 
still get large, I created a package that detects if a 'history' table exists 
and maintains number of keep records in both history and AUD$.  It runs via EM 
across all databases  (So execute immediate is needed for it to compile on some 

The history table is in its own tablespace if it exists, and if so, then there 
is only around 35 days of data in AUD$.   This help a lot with full table scans 
and programs that seem to access it all the time -- DBSNMP or anything else 
(there are no indexes).   The oracle package maintains it, but it is still 
large even if not in SYSTEM tablespace anymore.

No program cares about the history table since it is not named AUD$.   The data 
is only needed, well, when needed, so no need to have these full table scans.

Joel Patterson
Database Administrator
904 928-2790

Joel Patterson
Sr. Database Administrator | Enterprise Integration
Phone: 904-928-2790 | Fax: 904-733-4916!/entint

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I know what the docs say but what do people really set this to;  DB, OS or XML 
and why?

Jeffrey Beckstrom
Database Administrator
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Information Systems
1240 W. 6th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44113



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