RE: session timeout on metalink

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Yes, before I chance opening a link.  I copy the URL and open another tab.  
Normally I can log in without signing in again.   I paste the URL in the new 
session and hit enter.   Now I can open the link from either tab (a form of 
bread crumb).

If I want to keep a subsequent page as well, then I repeat the process.

(I already have to many favorites).

Joel Patterson
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Also it is inevitable to reach your original opened page in the MOS after login.
You must always add to favorites, save web pages, in order to continue to work.

In other words, like Hansel&Gratel: you need to leave a trail of bread crumbs 
for yourself to go back to your original page:)


On Wed, Jul 20, 2011 at 10:38 AM, Remigiusz Sokolowski 
<remigiusz.sokolowski@xxxxxxxxxx<mailto:remigiusz.sokolowski@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
I wonder do You experience such behavior of metalink as follows:

When I leave metalink without logout and the next day try to login I
have got the message below (even despite the fact I provide credentials)
Session Timeout

The Session has timed out. You will be signed out in 7 seconds.
Session timeout happens when you do not interact with the application
for over 60 minutes.
If you are not signed out automatically within 7 seconds
Click here to sign out manually.
Conclusion is I must login again. This seems to me strange when I
provide credentials - I would expect rather that I 'll be login to
another session if the existing one is expired without notifying me as
this is the only option.

Or may be there is something wrong with my side (though not sure how it
could be)


Pole nakazi

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