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Thanks for the correction on alter table move.  Oracle 8, not 9i!  I =
know what I was thinking.

As to statistics treatment, that's a good point too.  I no longer have =
any 8.0 databases to test with, but in my humble opinion, the 9i =
behavior of=20
the deletion of statistics is the correct thing to do.  Once the table =
been rebuilt, the statistics are (likely to) vary significantly from =


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Excellent point about the statistics. I recently discovered that alter=20
table move in Oracle 9 ( seems to delete the statistics. I do =
recall that from Oracle 8.

At 05:26 PM 9/8/2004, Reardon, Bruce (CALBBAY) wrote:
>Also, something others may know but I ran into recently.
>When you move a table, posts normally point out that indexes will need =
>to be rebuilt (as the post below does).
>You also need to recreate statistics (by your method of preference - =
>dbms_stats gathering, analyze or dbms_stats setting) on the table and =
>Bruce Reardon


Wolfgang Breitling
Centrex Consulting Corporation

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