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Paula - If RMAN recovery encounters problems, I exit RMAN and just log into
Oracle (svrmgrl in 8i, sqlplus in 9i) and perform the recovery there. I
believe that for recovery RMAN is just issuing the same commands to the

Dennis Williams
Lifetouch, Inc.

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-Solaris 2.8
-Oracle 8.0.6
Restoring - restore says it is complete but recovery keeps failing or
connect target $TARGET@$DBNAME

run {

execute script alloc_all_tapes;

restore controlfile to '/data/oradata/CSTAT/ctrl/control01.ctl';

allocate channel d1 type disk;

replicate controlfile from '/data/oradata/CSTAT/ctrl/control01.ctl';

sql 'alter database mount';

restore database until time

"to_date('JAN 27 2004 12:00:00','MON DD YYYY HH24:MI:SS')";

sql 'alter database open resetlogs';

execute script rel_all_tapes;



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