Re: redo per second (size)on exadata ?

  • From: amihay gonen <agonenil@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2014 23:47:27 +0300

Hi David,
thanks for your answer and for other answers and suggestions . it is really
help and this what make this forum an excellent forum.

I'll try to provide more input. Yes , we are talking on 80Mb per second of
redo ,actually I've able to squeeze even then 100mb of redo per second per
node from our exadata (quarter machine ).

The reason for it is that  we are currently checking the limits of our
product (   , sorry for the PR :-)  ).   Our product
integrate into exadata (or any another oracle  ) and provide no-data loss
protection .

my question that was raised before is what will the redo per second
generating of high-end oracle (OLTP) setup , or in other words what should
be scale the  our product (software+hardware) should support.


p.s. If anyone want more input on our solution , feel free to send me
message in private

On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 8:50 PM, David Fitzjarrell <
dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> If she really means 80 mb per second on the redo generation that would
> generated a large number of log switches; presuming you are using the
> recommended redo log size of 4gb we're talking one log switch every 50
> seconds.  You're not restricted to 4 gb logs so if this is anticipated to
> be the  'normal'  traffic on your OLTP system you might want to consider
> even larger logs.  My guess on this is the 80 mb per second isn't the redo
> rate, it's the transaction rate and that could mean less actual redo volume
> generated.  You really need to clarify what this 80 mb per second rate
> really means.
> David Fitzjarrell
> Principal author, "Oracle Exadata Survival Guide"
>   On Thursday, August 28, 2014 10:06 AM, "Powell, Mark" <
> mark.powell2@xxxxxx> wrote:
>   I imagine that the redo rate varies greatly between systems.  How you
> looked to see what your past rate or redo generation happens to be?  You
> ought to be able to use that as a comparison number or baseline.  My main
> system appears to only generate between 30G – 40G of redo per day across
> both nodes.  I have several other systems that generate far less.
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>  Hi all,
>  I've been asked by our VP to give estimation what is consider heavy
> system OLTP  in term of redo per bytes rate.
>  She told to to test our exadata machine with load of 80Mb per second per
> Node , and I've told her that I think it is too much .
>  if OLTP system with generate 80Mb* (2 nodes) per second that it means
> 576G per hour .
>  I wonder if anyone work with such systems , what is the typical redo
> rate ?
>  thanks
>  amihay

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