RE: recruiting for a good Oracle dba - am I being fair?

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Where is Tally?  Tallahassee?  Hurricanes are far better than F5 tornado's or 
the earth shaking beneath you.  Everything is in preparation, DB upgrades and 
hurricanes.  I bet the building codes will change in New Orleans unless the 
developers get their way.  It took Andrew to change Florida's weak building 
codes.  The Gulf looks worst than the Tsunami area.   As for blizzards, no 
thanks, left  that many years ago to put up hurricane shutters :).

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More than fair - I would be tempted, but I am more willing to face 20
below zero, blizzards and snow blowers than a hurricane.

Thanks anyway


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I have a great position in the low cost of living and really nice city
of Tally Florida.  I am looking for an experienced Oracle dba.  Does
anyone have any ideas on the best place to recruit - orasearch,,

It is for a permanent contracted position (ie. All the benefits,
time-off of state gov.) with good pay esp. for the area $75-85.  

I am thinking that is solid pay for a low-key government dba position.
Am I not seeing the reality of the job market?

If anyone has advice on this please let me know.



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