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I looked at a Masters in Information System at a few schools and didn't like 
it. Its not a program. Its basically a little bit of this and a little bit of 
that. Not enough information about one thing to be useful. I took a graduate IS 
Networking class and we spent the semester calculating resistance on networking 
lines. It was nice information, but not enough to actually use.
Computer Science and Software Engineer are 'programs' and build on previous 
classes. Computer Science is probably the most useful(notice how Cary Milsap 
uses it for what he does).
I had some really good advice from a very smart advisor when I was doing
If you get an MBA, you will be better able to apply technology to business
and business to technology and you will be an entirely different kind of
employee.  I finally finished mine after having to change schools twice.
I'm way less proud of the one I got than had I gotten it at Pitt, but I got
it, and I find what I learned to be immensely valuable in understanding WHY
I'm doing something and how "they" think.

Did it help me get ahead?  No.  The company didn't even acknowledge that I
had gotten it.  BUT, that isn't why I did it... and it isn't why I would get
another one if I get the chance to be in a place where I can get the MS in
IS (or CS) that I want.

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