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In the good old days of 8.0, this was a problem for advanced replication : 
the table you wanted to replicate had to have a PK and it had to be 
enforced by a unique index (the error message we got when this was not the 
case was "table or view does not exist" : very helpful in tracking down 
the problem :).
If you are planning to use replication, you might want to check the 
current requirements for the PK index.



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i read the follwing line in oracle 9i documentation,
Unique and primary keys can use non-unique as well as unique indexes. They 
can even use just the first few columns of non-unique indexes. 
i am planning to use a primary key constraint enforced by the first few 
columns of a non-unique index.any feedback or advice or gotchas in having 
such a setup.

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