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For storing passwords, I use Itanium's eWallet product.  Not my choice, =
but it is what I am stuck with.  I export the wallet files to text and I =
wrote a Perl module to read and tie the exported file into a hash.  I =
have written several programs (hoping to turn them into web services =
soon) to retrieve passwords, set passwords (for db links, etc.).

To generate passwords, I use a combination of the 'mkpasswd' utility =
(part of the distro for expect) and a Perl module to really randomize =
the characters in the passwords.

Finally, I have an Oracle password verification function that makes an =
extproc call out to the cracklib lib to verify password strength.

Our passwords expire every 90 days, and passwords can repeat once/year.

Ron Reidy
Lead DBA
Array BioPharma, Inc.

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does anyone have a tool to manage schema passwords and dblinks?
For SOX all apps have to rotate their passwords every 6 months, which
means changing all their dblinks too.
Also, any time a clone to test or dev is done, all the passwords have to
change and all the
dblinks too.


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