RE: partitiong on timestamp with local timezone data type

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I believe only sysdate and systimestamp (I have to run, so spelling) relies on 
the OS clock.

Tom Kytes has some good discussion on data types in Expert Oracle database 
architecture.  From the 9i/10g edition:

'...TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE... Upon modification in the database, the 
TIME ZONE supplied with the data is consulted, and the date/time component is 
normalized to the database time zone.  So, if you were to insert a date/time 
using the time zone U.S./Pacific and the database time zone was U.S./Eastern, 
the final date/time information would be converted to the Eastern time zone and 
stored as a TIMESTAMP would be.  Upon retrieval, the TIMESTAMP stored in the 
database would be converted to the time in the session's time zone.'

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Subject: partitiong on timestamp with local timezone data type

Production OS: Solaris (don't know the version) We insert date data that comes 
in a variety of timezones. We can tell what timezone each record is in. We need 
to normalize this date field to the timezone of our DB. We partition on this 
Timestamp with Local Timezone appears to meet this requirement and normalize it 
for me as long as I state the local timezone when I insert and set the 
dbtimezone parameter.

Concern (I am going to test this, but I want to make sure my test case is set 
up correctly).
-- what happen sif the Timezone of the OS is out of sync with what we have set 
in dbtimezone?
-- my understanding is that Oracle figures out what partition to put date data 
into base don the system clock which comes from an OS call.
-- The production team is from another company and I have no contact with them. 
So mistakes can happen.
-- We partition by hour and we absolutely have to get data out of our system 
based on a specific number of hours. If data is here 1 hour late, it is a big 

My concern may be totally off base because I have not worked with this data 
type yet.

I am planning on running the following tests.
1. create table, partition by range on timestamp with local timezone by hour.
insert records in a variety of different timezones. Verify this is correct.
2. change the OS clock without changing the dbtimezone parameter.
3. see what the data looks like when I query it.

Test 2:
with the OS time out of sync with the DB timezone 1. insert records to the 
table 2. see what they look like.
3. figure out what partition they are in.



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