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  • Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 21:53:14 +0100

Or you could create a logon trigger that
acquired the value and stuffed it into a
context so that the user could use a call
to sys_context('your_system_context','sid').

Probably more efficient for the user to
call sys_context than it would be to call
a home-grown pl/sql function.  (Not guaranteed,
of course, as sys_context() is resolved in pl/sql
through a select from dual).


Jonathan Lewis
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No, it's by no means a 10g thing. It is unsupported/undocumented stuff.
It's like using an 18-wheeler  to drive from home to a grocery shop and
back. It works, but..... On top of that, you probably wouldn't want to
grant execute on DBMS_SUPPORT to public. In other works, DBMS_SUPPORT
is not an answer. Create function as the user system, create public synonym
and grant execute on the function to public. When oracle doesn't
want to do it for you, you have to take matters in your own hands.
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