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TT was being demo'ed in all full glory at Oracle OpenWorld. Personally, it
works best for situations where your application is query intensive with
small updates. TT was shown accessible via TNS but the frontends were ODBC
and OCI only at this time. PL/SQL access is being "planned", and now with
some sort of "connect" product, you can frontend an Oracle database using TT
and can refresh the cache dynamically at periodic intervals using a
view-type interface which can pull in selected columns and/or selected rows.
My mind personally went through a lot of business scenarios when I saw the
demo, and met and talked with a person who was the architect of TT.

On 11/14/06, goran bogdanovic <goran00@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All,

Does anyone of you have seen Oracle TimesTen database in 'action'?
I would like to hear your impressions (on-line/off-line) and opinions for
the future of this database.



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