Re: !! oracle startup problem - need help

  • From: "Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco" <jreyes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 18:18:28 -0400

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check the alert log there you have teh parameter you are using you can
create a init ora. from there=0D
for example  you will have =0D
SYS auditing is enabled=0D
Starting up ORACLE RDBMS Version:
System parameters with non-default values:=0D
  processes                =3D 25=0D
  shared_pool_size         =3D 33554432=0D
  large_pool_size          =3D 8388608=0D
  java_pool_size           =3D 4194304=0D
  control_files            =3D F:\E\ORAEADM\CONTROLFILES\CTL_EADM01.CTL,
  db_block_size            =3D 8192=0D
  db_keep_cache_size       =3D 20971520=0D
  db_recycle_cache_size    =3D 12582912=0D
  db_cache_size            =3D 54525952=0D
  compatible               =3D
  log_archive_start        =3D TRUE=0D
  log_archive_dest         =3D F:\D\EADMARCHLOG=0D
  log_buffer               =3D 500224=0D
  log_checkpoint_interval  =3D 0=0D
  db_files                 =3D 15=0D
  db_file_multiblock_read_count=3D 16=0D
  read_only_open_delayed   =3D FALSE=0D
  fast_start_mttr_target   =3D 0=0D
  undo_management          =3D AUTO=0D
  undo_tablespace          =3D TBL_UNDO=0D
  undo_retention           =3D 56000=0D
  max_enabled_roles        =3D 70=0D
  remote_login_passwordfile=3D SHARED=0D
  license_max_users        =3D 70=0D
  audit_sys_operations     =3D TRUE=0D
  db_domain                =3D =0D
  instance_name            =3D EADM=0D
  cursor_space_for_time    =3D FALSE=0D
  session_cached_cursors   =3D 1000=0D
  remote_dependencies_mode =3D SIGNATURE=0D
  utl_file_dir             =3D *=0D
  job_queue_processes      =3D 1=0D
  cursor_sharing           =3D EXACT=0D
  background_dump_dest     =3D F:\E\ORAEADM\TRACE\BACKGROUND=0D
  user_dump_dest           =3D F:\E\ORAEADM\TRACE\USER=0D
  core_dump_dest           =3D F:\E\ORAEADM\TRACE\CDUMP=0D
  session_max_open_files   =3D 30=0D
  open_links               =3D 4=0D
  audit_trail              =3D DB=0D
  db_name                  =3D EADM=0D
  open_cursors             =3D 800=0D
  optimizer_max_permutations=3D 2500=0D
  optimizer_index_cost_adj =3D 10=0D
  optimizer_index_caching  =3D 90=0D
  query_rewrite_enabled    =3D TRUE=0D
  query_rewrite_integrity  =3D ENFORCED=0D
  pga_aggregate_target     =3D 52428800=0D
  workarea_size_policy     =3D AUTO=0D
PMON started with pid=3D2=0D
DBW0 started with pid=3D3=0D
LGWR started with pid=3D4=0D
CKPT started with pid=3D5=0D
SMON started with pid=3D6=0D
RECO started with pid=3D7=0D
CJQ0 started with pid=3D8=0D
Mon Jul 19 17:19:01 2004=0D
ARC0 started with pid=3D9=0D
ARC0: Archival started=0D
ARC1 started with pid=3D10=0D
ARC1: Archival started=0D
Mon Jul 19 17:19:03 2004=0D
Oracle Data Guard is not available in this edition of Oracle.=0D
Mon Jul 19 17:19:03 2004=0D
ARC0: Thread not mounted=0D
Mon Jul 19 17:19:03 2004=0D
ARC1: Thread not mounted=0D
Mon Jul 19 17:19:03 2004=0D
alter database mount exclusive =0D
Mon Jul 19 17:19:08 2004=0D
Successful mount of redo thread 1, with mount id 1816493383.=0D
Mon Jul 19 17:19:08 2004=0D
Database mounted in Exclusive Mode.=0D
Completed: alter database mount exclusive=0D
Mon Jul 19 17:19:08 2004=0D
alter database open

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