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Great paper, Luca!

From the docs online, it looks like Orion's geared toward testing raw
devices/partitions, but there is one mention of "file".  Has anyone used
this on cooked disks?

Too bad there isn't an AIX version available.  I'd really love to push
these li'l blades and the SVC in an Oracle-like capacity (with no
additional cost and without reinventing the wheel!).


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I can share my experience: 
I've used ORION to test my storage system a few months ago, I have also
compared it with other IO stress tests running directly from Oracle
(SQL-based). And I basically found the same results in both cases. The
way I see it Orion is quick and easy and gives results one can trust.
If you are interested, I keep an archive of my tests in


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Ladies and gentlemen,

Did any of you had used the Orion (oracle I/O calibration tool)?
I would be thankful if  you could share your experience



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