RE: optimizer time reported as?

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I replied offlist to Jonathan. The SQL joined 45 tables, which is
typical of some of the Oracle Apps queries. OA specifically requires you
to se opt-max-perm to 2000 8i and above, which was not done. (I was also
incorrect in the timing - the original query before tuning took 219
minutes to parse/execute - this dropped to about 6 minutes after the

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When the query was taking 10 minutes to parse, did anyone check to find
out how many join orders were examined in each query block ?

I'd be interested to find out whether it was the number of join orders,
or whether the problem was actually something completely different.


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Note that in 10g, this parameter is hidden (becomes
"_optimizer_max_permutations"), and the value is defaulted to 2000.
Oracle seems to have noticed that the large default value in 8i was
probably incorrect. At least for Oracle's E-Biz Suite (Apps 11i), even
that based on a 8i database, this value necessarily needs to be set to
2000. I had helped someone (albeit on an Apps database) debug a query
that took 10 mins to parse (and less than a min to execute!)- the
parameter was incorrectly set to default and the query parsed and
performed under a minute.
So go ahead and satisfy our curiousity... What did sp_time (or is it
sp_systime_<Version>,sql!) point to?
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