RE: optimizer time reported as?

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Note that in 10g, this parameter is hidden (becomes
"_optimizer_max_permutations"), and the value is defaulted to 2000.
Oracle seems to have noticed that the large default value in 8i was
probably incorrect. At least for Oracle's E-Biz Suite (Apps 11i), even
that based on a 8i database, this value necessarily needs to be set to
2000. I had helped someone (albeit on an Apps database) debug a query
that took 10 mins to parse (and less than a min to execute!)- the
parameter was incorrectly set to default and the query parsed and
performed under a minute.
So go ahead and satisfy our curiousity... What did sp_time (or is it
sp_systime_<Version>,sql!) point to?
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Subject: RE: optimizer time reported as? 

I remember the default on 8.1.7 being 80,000 and Oracle support had us
lower it to 2,000 while we were working on an ORA-04031 iTAR.
ora817 > @mon/parms
'For all columns: Y = Yes/True    N = No/False '
' D = Deferred,  I = Immediate,  S = System,  U = User session'
' Default indicator is unreliable if col SYS indicates chg '
Enter value for parameter: optimizer_max_permutations
                                                                    D S
                                                                    e e
y o d
NAME                            VALUE                               f s
s d j
------------------------------- ----------------------------------- - -
- - -
optimizer_max_permutations      80000                               Y Y
optimizer maximum join permutations per query block

So how did the performance test turn out?
HTH -- Mark D Powell --


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        Subject: optimizer time reported as? 
        I got asked about performance on a database that was recently
upgraded from to
        Looking at the initora I noticed
        optimizer_max_permutations           integer
            The DBA doing the upgrade said she only changed the
parmaeters relating to the upgrade.
        I know the default changed from 8's 80000 to 9's 2000 and there
was an earlier TAR telling us to change the 
        80000 to 79999.
            I thought this might be an issue and I ran Tim Gorman's
sp_time script to see where the overhead was.
        I just wanted to verify that the optimizer_max_permutations time
is accounted for in the 
        Parsing SQL time and not somewhere else.
            Larry Wolfson
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