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Hi Juan,

Well, the word "internals", to me, means stuff that's not documented.
As such, there is no official source.  The people who are the official
source have specifically decided to NOT officially provide information
on "internals".

As there is no official source, gathering information on internals
is a bit haphazard at best.  My primary sources of internals info are:
1.)  Oracle 8i Internal Services, aka, "The Steve Adams book".  I=20
think it's fair to say this is the single best source of internals=20
info available.
2.) , aka, "The Steve Adams Website".  I think
it's fair to say this is the single second best source of internals info =

3.)  Interesting info can sometimes be found on Google, given the =
search terms.  Not reliable, but sometimes fruitful.
4.)  Various MetaLink documents sometimes touch on internals =
There's no way to know which ones, you just have to stumble across it.
5.)  Asking the right question, in the right forum, with the right=20
participants, may yield some useful info.

But the best way to grow the knowledge base of Oracle internals is to=20
investigate.  Set up tests and experiments with clearly defined=20
boundary conditions, and what results you expect.  Run your test.
Publish your results.


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 Hi list,=20
Which is the official source for Oracle Internals, Metalink, SYS schema =
and test, Oracle University, experts, Tom Kyte, google.
If one day someone decide to learn them and update, which is the first =
he should go.

Thanks in Advance
Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco

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