RE: of license portability, we get that now

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Will Oracle follow?  Maybe...but not quickly.  Frustrating as heck
watching mgmt sweat over Oracle licensing and contemplate moving to a
different database because of the licensing complexity/costs.
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"Yuen said Microsoft has liberalized licenses for its own server
applications. Due to changes made late last year, Microsoft software
such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, Windows Server and others can
now be migrated from server to server without users violating their
licenses, Yuen said. 

The importance "of license portability, we get that now," Yuen said.
That portability is true, even if VMs are being moved from server to
server using VMware's V-Motion live migration tool. 

Microsoft will also now fully support applications running inside VMs
from partners such as Novell Inc., Red Hat Inc. and Citrix Systems Inc.
"If you have a Red Hat issue, we will attempt to solve it and then
escalate it with Red Hat if we can't," he said."

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