RE: number of transactions per minute/hour

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Admittedly without much homework (that I can remember), I've defined a
transaction as:

 FROM sys.v_$sysstat
 WHERE NAME IN ('user commits','user rollbacks');

...which of course is only valuable when the delta of two results is
measured over time.  But I would presume that this would have to take
into account all transactions, including those containing "recursive

What is the purpose of the data collection where recursive SQL bothers
you?  If it's to compare the results of business processes, the overhead
of DD calls is valid, isn't it?  Just curious...


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> Not sure but I think it is very tedious to get those figures.... I
> always wondered how benchmark tools gives you informations such as
> transaction per minute, I think those tools dont use v$sysstat for
> these purposes

The reason is quite simple. DML statements or queries are *not*
transactions! For that reason Anjo asked the OP to give *his* definition
of "USER transaction"... For a regular definition have a look here:


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