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Excellent point, i think the mission of the list is still the same but
the content has changed, its always been about information sharing(and
going off on a tangent once in a while).  I'm thankful to not have to
play in the middle tier world.



 The list has changed.

 I find that my tasks on the job have changed as well, now I spend 90%
 of my time doing middle-tier stuff because the databases are running
 properly.  I spend more time on iAS and 3rd party middle tier things
 than on the Oracle database.

 Things have changed since Oracle 7.3 was the current version.  The
 environment is different.  Now it's all about Web apps.

 Some people who used to be on the list are no longer there, either, as
 far as I can tell.  That would change the flavour of the responses.

 Also the market is different in the U.S. now, isn't it?  That would
 have an impact.


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> Subject: Has the Lists "Mission Statement" Changed???
> Hello Jared and Listers,
> Has this Lists "Mission Statement" changed?
> What I mean by this, is that I have asked two or is it three questions
> here this year and received 0 answers.
> Now when I first joined, a number of years ago, there was *a lot* of
> help for the newbie questions, even if it was to guide them to the
> right documentation.
> Yet now I find not only my questions but others questions ignored. Am
> I being paranoid?
> My job is of such a nature that Oracle is not the only cap I wear and
> hence am expected to be a jack-of-all-trades and it is impossible to
> be master of anyone of those caps. So it is great to have a resource
> to read and be able to ask questions, but I wonder if this is the
> right forum now.
> Denham

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