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I like this one better:

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Well, I like this at boot-up time: ;-)

"/dev/sdb1 has gone 202 days without being checked, check forced..."

-Mark Bole

Robyn wrote:
> Everyone,
> We have a fairly large, truly mission critical database (Oracle
> at a remote site that is currently running on Microsoft.  In
> the past, others have tried to convince mgmt that the system would be
> more reliable on a unix os, but no one has ever been successful in
> obtaining a project to make the change.
> To my way of thinking, the strongest case for moving this database to
> unix is the track record of this application; it has had far more than
> it's share of issues (bad backups, system crashes, corrupt blocks,
> hung processes, cpu spikes and so on) even though it already gets more
> care and feeding than other databases. (majority of our databases are
> *nix)  This is one aspect of what will be presented.
> That being said, for those of you who prefer unix, what are your best
> arguments for choosing unix for an Oracle database? What are the
> drawbacks?  We'd like to make sure we uncover all the pros and cons.
> Any input is appreciated,
> Robyn
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> Robyn Anderson Sands
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Mark Bole


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