RE: need some help with a bug

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  • Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 12:06:51 -0400

I remember this bug as being around for a while. I don’t think it occurs if 
objects are explicitly referenced by owner.object ie. owner.table



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Subject: need some help with a bug


We are getting hit in on Sun-sparc 64 with behavior that appears to be 
caused by a bug that was supposed to have been fixed in  The bug is 
described below.  Bug number is 9577583.  Has anyone seen this or have a work 
around?  Right now we are flushing our shared pool about every 5 minutes to 
work around it.  We have a sev 1 sr open with Oracle, but this is the third day 
with no solution from them so far.


ORA-942, or other unexpected errors, can occur when running in a setup 
where multiple schemas have identical objects and users are only expected 
to access objects in their own schemas. 
The problem can cause a SQL built for a given user to incorrectly
have dependency / translation / access table entries for other
users objects:
 - If there is no permission on those objects then various errors can occur. 
 - If the current user does have permission on those objects then SQL may 
   execute using objects from the wrong schema leading to wrong results 
   or logical data corruption.
This problem can also lead to various dumps when executing PLSQL 
especially when the PLSQL is executed from RMAN or Internal Errors 
due to memory corruptions.
Rediscovery Notes:
  A library_cache dump of the problem cursor shows that the child
  cursor has incorrect entries in the dependency table.

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