need some advice(you partition experts out there, this one is for you).

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  • Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 13:00:25 -0400 (EDT)

Ok here is the scenario:

we will have a table partitioned by list on a number, so far so good.

also as part of that table is a processing yr and qtr.

we will be doing the ETL thing on number, yr, qtr at a time.

here is our process:

get data, do the etl at number, yr and qtr at a time.  we want to load
into a temp table, build the bitmap index(es) on the temp table and then
do a partition exchange, all doable up to this point.

we have data for older years already in the number (remember its list
partitioned), we need the users to have access to the older data while
we're processing and then want to do an exchange into the fact partition,
but exchange is TRULY exchange, how can we basically append the new data
into the exchange but w/o the overhead of the bitmap indexes killing us. 
We're trying to not drop the bitmaps as there will be 12 FK to dimensions.

We used to do range partitioning but this process to do the ETL is totally
dynamic and builds partitions on the fly if need be, List partitioning is
alot easier to add a partition then to do the split partition thing if the
number falls in the middle.

any thoughts on this one would be greatly appreciated.

thanks, joe

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