RE: multiple inventories on SUN cluster ?

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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 12:49:09 -0500

Prior to version it was easy to have multiple inventory files.
With version Oracle expects only one inventory file, but you can
still use multiple inventory files.  To do so you need to point the
installer at the correct inventory file when you invoke it.  You can
edit oraInst.loc or use the command line parameter to point to a
different path: runInstaller -invPtrLoc /PATH/oraInst.loc.
HTH -- Mark D Powell --


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        AFAIK, you can only have one oracle repository.
        but that repository can contain multiple installations
        On 1/19/06, steen bartholdy <steenbdkoraclel@xxxxxxxx> wrote: 

                we have SUN clusters.
                we have chosed to make each resourcegroup as atomic as
                Therefore each resourcegroup containing a Oracle
database also contains an inventory.
                we had the assumption that the file
                can only contain 1 definition of inventory_loc
                examble :
                In order to patch a database you have to make sure that
the inventory is the relevant inventory for that database by editing
                I saw ( )
the following comment :
                If there is more than one inventory location due to
multiple installs
                surprise to me :
                can the Oracle Installer handle multiple inventory
locations ?
                is this RTFM ? and if where can I read something ?

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