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I create a 'profile' directory and make sure this directory is in the path.
I then create sid.bat files in this directory.  The sid.bat file contains
all of the oracle environmental info.  For example:

SET ORACLE_HOME=C:\Oracle\ora817

Each sid.bat file can manipulate the path depending on which version of
Oracle you are running.  So your batch files (like rman) can execute this
profile file to point to the correct database.  I have all kinds of thinkgs
in each file - like dba account, password, rman account, password and
connect string;  directories to hold output from batch files and script
files.  Mkes life a bit easier.

Good Luck!

Tom Mercadante
Oracle Certified Professional

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Hey guys, 
I'm venturing into the windoze world from Unix... I am setting up a 9i and
10g database on this puppy.. And my question is:


1.      How do I handle setting the different environment variables between
the instances? (i.e. PATH for example)



Any other "gotchas" that present differences/issues in doing this on
windoze? I have the Unix stuff covered like the dew in Dixie. But I'm
walking in the windoze cow pasture, the grass is high, and I just can't
avoid some of the "mess" yet... 



Thanks in advance!


Greg Loughmiller



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