RE: multipath on linux/SDD

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  • Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 08:58:53 +0200

We did it with suse (SLES8).

Everything worked smoothly.

The problem is with iostat, now.
The multipathed device show an high I/O (writes) while the DB (the only
things working on that device) is only reading.

Error of iostat + sdd?

If you meet the same problem make me know.


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> Sorry for the repeat post, going fishin...
> Is anyone attaching their Red Hat servers to a SAN with 
> multiple paths to
> the luns for failover?  How do you manage the paths?  We were 
> testing SDD
> (IBM Subsystem Device Driver) and are hitting some errors 
> that take the
> luns offline.  Just wondering if anyone is doing this without error or
> there is a good alternative.
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