Re: more HTMLDB fun...

  • From: bill thater <shrekdba@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Melanie Caffrey <mel.caffrey@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 06:42:54 -0500

On 7/6/05, Melanie Caffrey <mel.caffrey@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Bill,
> What is the name of your DAD?  From your URL posting, it looks like it
> is "htmldb".
> I'm also wondering why you need the /pls portion.

both of those is because that's the URL given in the documentation.

> You can exclude this in your DAD configuration.
> Can you please post the contents of your DAD.conf file?

Alias /i/ "/u01/app/oracle/product/"
                <Location /pls/htmldb>
                 SetHandler pls_handler
                 Order deny,allow
                 Allow from all
                 AllowOverride None
                 PlsqlDatabaseUsername      HTMLDB_PUBLIC_USER
                 PlsqlDatabasePassword      admin
                 PlsqlDatabaseConnectString asp:1521:cri ServiceNameFormat
                 PlsqlDefaultPage           htmldb
                 PlsqlDocumentTablename     wwv_flow_file_objects$
                 PlsqlDocumentPath          docs
                 PlsqlDocumentProcedure     wwv_flow_file_manager.process_downlo
                 PlsqlAuthenticationMode    Basic
                 PlsqlNLSLanguage           AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1

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