Re: missing link in my 10053 trace

  • From: Martin Berger <martin.a.berger@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Jorgensen, Finn" <Finn.Jorgensen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 20:10:20 +0200


The confusing thing on that query was: everything WAS right: statistics, 
histograms, etc, just this to_number cast ... 

The Application is 'Peoplesoft' - so not all indices makes sense for every 
customer. But together with my favorite Engineer (the one who brought the 
problem to me) we managed to get the statement fixed. We are preparing a 9.2 to 
11.2 migration (with HW, Clusterware and OS change also). So a lot of fun. And 
no single HINT needed so far! 
At the same time a big cleanup of unnecessary indices is ongoing. Maybe I come 
up with some other issues soon ;-) 

Greg Rahn did a really great explanation what happened to my bad statement 
He did it in such clear words even I understood! 

thank you all for your ideas, suggestions and questions, 

Am 09.06.2011 um 15:58 schrieb Jorgensen, Finn:

> I believe since there is a "to_number" applied to the INST_PROD_TYPE column 
> it cannot use the index on that column which leads to a Skip Scan on the 
> PS0RF_INST_PROD index using the SETID column.
> In general I have found the version optimizer to be very "skip scan 
> happy". If the stats are not just right and there aren't histograms on just 
> the right columns then you are very likely to end up with an index skip scan. 
> Especially when you are working with packaged application that comes with 
> poorly thought out indexes such as the one you are dealing with here. Why 
> would the leading column of the index that only has a NDV of 2 be in the 
> index at all?
> In you have the option of generating extended stats on 
> to_number(INST_PROD_TYPE) which would tell the optimizer the real cardinality 
> which might change the execution plan.
> The real fix, of course, is to do what you have already done, which is to fix 
> the poorly written code and put quotes around the value as it should be.
> Thanks,
> Finn
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> Looks the selectivity is being calculated as 0 for OOR predicate
> because of the histogram and rounded up to 1 row -  so I don't think
> it's 1%.
> "Using prorated density: 0.000000 of col #3 as selectvity of
> out-of-range/non-existent value pred.
> (also looks like we have a spelling mistake for "selectvity")
> Here is an example:
> On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 1:17 PM, Martin Berger <martin.a.berger@xxxxxxxxx> 
> wrote:
>> maybe someone can help me with my interpretation of a 10053 trace file.
>> DB: - 64bit
>> I have a small query with a little error, which causes big troubles.
>> The relevant part of the query is
>> WHERE ....
>>   AND inst_prod_type=003
>>  AND setid='COM01'
>> this leads to
>> filter[ (TO_NUMBER("INST_PROD_TYPE")=3 AND "SETID"='COM01') ]
>> based on this TO_NUMBER ( I guess!) the optimiser takes a fix
>> selectivity of 1%.
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> Regards,
> Greg Rahn
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