RE: migrating 9i/HP-UX DB to 10g/Solaris

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I believe upgrading to 10g may very well be required to perform
cross-platform transportable tablespaces.   However, it would probably
be faster.   Is is not limited by ASM.   Your going to be upgrading
anyway with export/import, so manual upgrade is not necessarily an
ordeal.   Note: 316889.1


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It's a 10g DB feature, not an ASM feature, so no, it doesn't require
ASM. Regular filesystem files can be migrated just the same as ASM
storage. In fact, for most people, migrating filesystem files is
probably quite a bit easier :).


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Using transportable tablespaces across platforms (i.e. HP-UX to Solaris)
is only possible with ASM, no?  So, to follow your recommendation,
wouldn't he also have to add a step to migrate from file-system to ASM
after upgrading to Oracle10g?  Not a trivial undertaking...

...2 more pesos....

Dan Norris wrote: 

If it is a small database, I'd probably use export 9i -> import 10g. If
it's got any significant size, I'd consider upgrading to 10g on HPUX,
then use transportable tablespaces to Solaris/10g. 

Just my 2 pesos.


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Subject: migrating 9i/HP-UX DB to 10g/Solaris

I have been assigned to do best option to migrating 9i/HP-UX DB to
10g/Solaris, any body can forward me the step by step instructions to
accomplish this, in both cases if the DB size is small/big. 



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