RE: migrating 9206 from windows to linux

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This is why I do not totally depend on a full database export/import.  I
prefer to manually create tablespaces, roles, users and database links.
I then only export and import schema's.  To me, I like being more in
control and not depending on the software to do the work and getting
stung with something like this.


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this ended up being due to a user whose default tablespace no longer
existed in the original database.

sorry for the waste of bandwidth.

On 9/24/05, Chris Stephens <cstephens16@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I take a full export of the database on the windows machine.  the log
> file contains no errors.  on linux i created the database and all the
> tablespaces that are present on the old database.  i do a full import.
>  ...all the users get created but only some of the objects get created
> for some of the users.  the import log is full of errors that users
> alread exist (but they didn't).  the last entry is:

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