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It seems that your approach is always playing catch-up.  Here, we developed
a very simple Database Request system.  Developers cannot make any changes
anyplace - they have to request a change be made via the request system.
The application tracks all changes and what level of the database they have
been applied to (Dev, Staging or Production).  Simple reports can be
generated showing what changes are in Dev, but not in staging yet.

I'm really talking about managing your change requests a little better.
If you manage your requests better, then you don't need a schema compare

Hope this helps.


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We have 13 development databases, 8 parallel development tracks, and 2
concurrent sustainment releases all developing at the same time. We are
having alot of trouble with change management. I am looking for an easy way
to do the following:
take a snapshot of the metadata of a database at a point in time. 
compare it at a later point in time or to another database and see the
What we have tried
1. Designer and change manager(OEM) are really slow. 
2. Toad does not appear to be complete
3. Writing code with dbms_metadata is a major task.
4. export won't work, because the order of the objects in the file could be
different in different databases, do to different releases applied at
different times.  
Anything easier? Any good tools? Does RMAN have any functionality for this?
I didn't see anything... 

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