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Ok, first, take a step back.

What is motivating you to look at log_buffer in the first place?  Why do you 
think it needs to be adjusted?  Starting w/ 10g, the log_buffer is maintained 
by Oracle, and should not need to be adjusted.  (See MetaLink Doc ID 351857.1.) 
 What is the current value of _log_io_size?  Why do you think you need to 
adjust it?

Main question:
What is it that is leading you to believe that log_buffer and _log_io_size need 
to be adjusted?


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dear all,

I have on solaris sparc,
when trying to decrease log_buffer, it could not be done.

always keep 14MB, sga is 3.5GB
I want to decrease it to 1MB

according to metalink note. 351857.1
it is expected behavior.

so, is it save to change _log_io_size to 1MB ?

thanks and regards
ujang | oracle dba | mysql dba


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