RE: local write wait event

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 "local write wait" refers to the wait in a session to reuse the same =
buffer, while dbwr is trying to flush the same dirty buffer.
There are variety of bugs listed in Metalink refering to this on the 10G =
version related to truncates. Could be one of the bugs or an OS problem =
with the disk dbwr is trying to write to.

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Dear List,

Tracing one of the user sessions I get a lot of waits on "local write =
wait". We are using 10.0.3, I've searched metalink and in the book about =
OWI events, but couldn't find any information about this event, while =
searching in the archives I've found post by K Gopalakrishnan, that this =
event should never be seen in normal databases. Maybe there is a more =
detailed description of this wait event?


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