Re: loadjava error

  • From: "Stuart Lindenmayer" <stuart.lindenmayer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: vli@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 22:20:46 +1000

Hi Vivian,
I'm no Oracle Java expert, but just wondering why you're not loading the
Java source instead of the compiled class? By loading the source you've got
the source code in case something needs changing. Using 9i I can
successfully load the source and implicitly compile the class using:
loadjava -user test1/test1 -resolve

Also to use the "-oci8" flag I believe you require a functioning TNS
connection (eg tnsnames.ora entry or similar) and specify @<database_name>
in the user string:
loadjava -user test1/test1@mydb -oci8 -resolve



On 9/6/06, Vivian Li <vli@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I have a very simple java program that I would like to load into Oracle.

*$ more*
public class Hello
{ public static String world ()
  {  return "Hello world.";

The above java code complies successfully by itself. But, when I do
loadjava, I get below errors:
*$  loadjava -user userID/password -oci8 -resolve Hello.class*
errors   : class Hello
    ORA-29545: badly formed class:

The following operations failed
    class Hello: resolution
exiting  : Failures occurred during processing

Any ideas why this is happening?


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