Re: linux vs MS (slight twist on the topic)

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We don't run a large DB on it, but we do have some very mission critical systems on linux.
All of our monitoring and paging is run from linux using Nagios and OEM.
Our system that dials up all of our hotel sites to get our billing information ($$$$$$) is linux. It's a whole lot more production ready than MS will ever be.

Robyn wrote:

one more question:

It is frequently said here that Linux is not ready for production.  (
i used to laugh out load at this; i'm learning to control my giggles
but i've about bitten a hole in my tongue)

What are the really big examples of Linux systems?  I'm thinking
Amazon, Google and Ebay, but it's been a while since I read anything
on this.  Who else out there is running very large, very critical
Oracle databases on Linux?

thanks again ... Robyn
Robyn Anderson Sands
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Rodd Holman
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