RE: linux and oracle

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 22:26:14 +0800


I've seen it on IIRC.

The j000 process hasn't released its file descriptor despite the tablespaces
were dropped and files removed. 
A process-state dump though would have shown the file handles still there.

A workaround instead of shutdown would have been to alter system set
job_queue_processes=0, wait until all procs die (or kill 'em if necessary)
and then set job_queue_processes back again.

Hmm.. this could make a good entry into my new blog (wink-wink ;)


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> Hi
> Perhaps more a linux problem than oracle... Database is 10.2 
> and the system is  a Red hat enterprise 3.4
> What I did was deleteing alot of tablespaces (first drop the 
> users and then the tablespace) which occupied 12gb of data 
> and the files were deleted from the filesystem as expected, 
> but the disk usage (with df) showed that the used space was 
> still 100% but when examed with "du --max-depth=1" it showed 
> that it should have 12gb free.
> When examined with lsof the deleted files where reported as 
> opened (with the flag deleted at the end) and owned by the 
> processes j000 and j000.


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