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        Would you care to share that proof of concept code??? 

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The article in question is talking about logging into an application
(especially an HTMLDB application), not logging into the database.  The
assumption is that the application is already connected/authenticated
the database.  The only software requirement for the LDAP authentication
then is an Oracle database with the DBMS_LDAP package, which comes with
Standard edition.

I did something like this last month as a proof-of-concept for
authenticating against our Active Directory.  Basically it involves
connecting to AD as a read-only lookup user, retrieving the user's DN,
attempting to reconnect to AD as that DN with the user-supplied
If the second connection worked, we return TRUE that they're

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> In this howto:
> uthenticate.html
> there is a link for "software requirements" that goes
> to /dev/null.  Anybody know how this works, is advanced
> security product required?   I don't see how the
> standard shared secret/net8 encryption would work.
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