RE: is IPC really faster than TCPIP?

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In the note I sent a few hours ago, I mentioned a 50x number. This is =
we saw one place. Your mileage may vary, but it's easy to test. You can =
your raw IPC vs TCP/IP performance by writing a small test in sqlplus =
makes a million database calls. Time a run of it connected through an =
where PROTOCOL=3DIPC. Time another run of it connected through an alias =
PROTOCOL=3DTCP. Compare and contrast the results.

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Subject: RE: is IPC really faster than TCPIP?

I'd be really interested in hearing the opinions of others on this - we =
thinking of implementing IPC on the recommendations of Informatica (our =
tool). We have a lot of network traffic due to the row-at-a-time =
in informatica.

Informatica and Oracle are both on the same box.

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Subject: is IPC really faster than TCPIP?

Hi list, Sorry for starting two thread about the same, but I found=20

Tom Kyte says "well, tuning TCP vs IPC would give you marginal =
but Kenny Smith in Use IPC for local connections, a process can be up to =
he says " I've seen a SQL job that runs in 10 minutes using TCP on a =
machine run as fast as one minute using an IPC connection"
So I think the question is not is why ipc is not faster, else is IPC =
Some experiences please.=20
Juan Carlos Reyes Pacheco
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