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  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 12:02:11 -0500 (CDT)

Speak around the question without really asking are yo ua micro manager?
Try to gauge how often he feels meeting are needed and for how long those
meeting should go.  What does he aim to accomplish when meeting and
communicating with staff.  Is he technical and does he like to remain
technical?  Will he be performing any technical work in terms of taking on
projects or assisting team?  What should one expect from him as a manger
in terms of managements style...
For instance, I expect a amanger to assign me tasks, clear roadblocks and
provide additional clarity as questions and issues arise, not pull up a
chair and sit with me or want to know every detail of the steps.

Involed his ideas and thoughts on project planning and mangement.  A good
manager should have a competant and trusted technical team that he relies
upon to perform the work to the best of their abilities and his functiona
is to communicate to upper managment and his team and manage the bigger
picture outside of the sheer technical aspects.
- David

> Give the person a situational questions to answer that would be typical of
> the environment the person would be faced with.  How would you do .....,
> How
> would you follow up on.... Why would you do....
> What was the toughest situation you have had to deal with and how to you
> resolve it...  What made it so touch.
> Don't ask yes or no questions.
> KD

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